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PRX – T33 is a unique needle free bio-revitalising product with over 10 years of clinical research.

This breakthrough treatment consists in combining trichloroacetic acid (TCA) with hydrogen  peroxide (H2O2) at a very precise pH level. The two substances interact at a cellular level, providing previously unseen benefits for the skin, and, most importantly, without causing caustication to the skin. The discovery consists in having transformed TCA from a caustic substance used in the world of medicine to remove skin into a substance that, in addition to not causing skin peeling, triggers an intense biorevitalisation response in the tissues treated.


PRX-T33 main active components are Hydrogen Peroxide, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and kojic acid.

TCA bio-revitalises the tissues through 3 pathways: growth factors proliferation, a balanced inflammation and the Skin Stress Response System.

The biological mechanism of TCA induces neo-collagenogenesis when applied to the skin.

Hydrogen peroxide the other key component boosts the skins response to the bio-revitalisation caused by TCA.

Improves the affinity of Fibroblast Growth Factors, regulates the activity of lympho-monocytes and modulates the inflammation caused by TCA.

Intervenes in the remodelling of the papillary dermis and while crossing the superficial skin layers reduces the aggressive effect of TCA.

Hydrogen ions pass through the skin barrier reaching the dermis, stimulating cell renewal and collagen fibres.

PRX-T33 does not cause “white frosting” even though it contains TCA at a high percentage, which sets it apart from peelings.



  • No-needles topical application; no frosting
  • TCA: stimulates the dermis activating keratinocytes growth factors
  • H2O2: avoids the acid’s peeling effect and allows to repeat the stimulation more frequently, enhancing the effects
  • PRX-T33 is a Class I Medical Device, protected by an international patent
  • Indications: photoageing, chrono-ageing, stretch marks, depressed scars


  • Loss of skin tone from face, neck and chest (photo- and chrono-aging)
  • Breast firming
  • Stretch marks
  • Recent depressed scars


PRX-T33’s non- aggressive on the epidermal layers gives several important advantages – treatment can be performed in the summer months, does not require interruption of the patient’s social life, the effects are immediately visible

Thanks to its efficacy in activating the skin’s own regenerative processes, PRX-T 33 is an ideal primer for other aesthetic medicine treatments. Used in combination with procedures such as mesotherapy, microneedling, fillers, threads, physical stimulation devices, PRP, etc, it acts in synergy, enhancing the results of the treatment.

The most recent approach to aesthetic medicine is combination of treatments. No single technique is a silver bullet to solve all the problems

  • The combination of chemical, physical or mechanical stimulation is often the best way to a global approach to achieve a natural



PRX-T Lady is a topical bio-revitalization product designed for rejuvenation and lightening of external intimate areas and for the body. This product is ideal for chronological ageing and hyperpigmentation in intimate body areas such as the armpits, the groin, the vaginal vulva, the areolas, and the perianal area.

PRX-T Lady is developed from the idea of expanding the properties from PRX-T33 to the body with the benefits of firming and even the skin tone. Treatments with PRX-T Lady is achievable in any season of the year and is suitable for both women and men.



Gives turgidity and firmness to the skin without damaging the epidermis

Lightens hyperpigmentation

For an immediate and long-lasting aesthetic improvement

Needle-free and painless


PRX-T Course Content

  • To deliver training of skin rejuvenation treatments to the face, neck and hands and intimate
  • To ensure each individual we train is able to implement confident and competent delivery of each treatment they are being
  • Achieve growth of the treatment options offered to
  • Increase your profits by training and gaining certification in skin
  • Assurance of continual post course support further to
  • Assist awareness of the benefits in the skin treatments to your clients for immediate skin radiance (special occasion) to long term benefits of complete
  • Provide business tools and marketing skills to implement these procedures into your practice to maximise the benefits these treatments can add to both your clients’ expectations and in turn your profit
  • To provide all information to gain insurance and detail current regulatory matters for best practice

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