Advanced PRX-T33



Glow academy full day training fee £225 +vat

PRX Therapy Advanced Course for Aesthetic Therapists & Medical Aesthetic Practitioner

  • PRX Therapy Reverse Peel
  • PRX + Microneedling
  • PRX + Scar Management
  • PRX + Mesotherapy (anti-ageing)
  • PRX + Mesotherapy (hair loss)
  • PRX + Mesotherapy (Stretch Marks)
  • PRX + Mesotherapy (Cellulite)
  • Overview of PRX Therapy & Laser



  1. PRX-T33 Therapy Course or certification
  2. Microneedling certificate
  3. Mesotherapy certificate


Training in the combination therapies above – if delegate does not hold certification in microneedling or mesotherapy they will not be able to perform the combination treatment until these are obtained through separate certification training





PRX Reverse Peel treatment utilises a unique formula, which makes it stand out from other existing treatments and peels.

A three-phase solution peel treatment designed to treat melasma, hyperpigmentation and pigment spots working on the papillary dermis towards the superficial layers reducing dermal pigmentation without causing any inflammation

PRX Reverse is a non-invasive medical treatment, specifically designed for the treatment of hyperpigmentation and melasma.



Effective also on resistant or recurrent melasma  

Acts on a deeper level without causing inflammation

It can be modulated according to the patient’s tolerability

Can be used on all phototypes


The 3-phases of PRX-Reverse treatment

Phase 1 starts with melanin oxidation and lightening, triggered by the application of both hydrogen peroxide and kojic acid. Both ingredients are able to reach the deeper layers of the dermis thanks to the use of TCA which allows easier penetration. Hydrogen Peroxide also modulates the  inflammatory process at low concentrations.

Phase 2 is a peel with a high-concentration Lactic and Phytic acid with iron-chelating (removal of excess iron) action. Lactic acid reaches the basal layer and secretes the pigment from inside out (a process known as cell vacuolisation), without damaging the surface layers.

Phase 3 is a Hydroxy acid peeling that contains Glycolic, Mandelic and Salicylic Acids, which descale the skin’s outer layers and phytic acid with an iron-chelating action.

Combination PRX-T33 Treatments

  • PRX + Microneedling Indications with microneedling – scars (acne, chicken pox etc) including on the back, wrinkles, enlarged pores, post-inflammatory dermal atrophy
  • PRX + Scar Management
  • PRX + Mesotherapy (non surgical Blepharoplasty)


PRX-T provides deep and immediate hydration which tightens the skin aound the eye area giving immediate results even before the fibroblast stimulation becomes visable.

  • PRX + Mesotherapy (anti-ageing)

The synergistic effect gives double dermal stimulation. The oedema produced by the PRX-T mitigates the discomfort of the subsequent injections and reduces the formation of ecchymoses.

PRX-T provides deep and immediate hydration which tightens the skin giving immediate results even before the fibroblast stimulation becomes visable.

  • PRX + Mesotherapy (hair loss)

Biostimulation with PRX-T improves mesotherapy’s bioavailability. PRX-T stimulates the skin chemically leading to a synergistic effect with far superior results than treatments performed separately. In addition PRX-T hydrates the skin and the oedema it induces reduces injection pain.

  • PRX + Mesotherapy (Stretch Marks)
  • PRX + Mesotherapy (Cellulite)

The association with PRX-T improves skin trophism, increasing its firmness

  • Overview of PRX Therapy & Laser


PRX-T Course Content

  • To deliver training of skin rejuvenation treatments as listed above.
  • To ensure each individual we train is able to implement confident and competent delivery of each treatment they are being
  • Achieve growth of the treatment options offered to
  • Increase your profits by training and gaining certification in skin
  • Assurance of continual post course support further to
  • Assist awareness of the benefits in the skin treatments to your clients for immediate skin radiance (special occasion) to long term benefits of complete
  • Provide business tools and marketing skills to implement these procedures into your practice to maximise the benefits these treatments can add to both your clients’ expectations and in turn your profit
  • To provide all information to gain insurance and detail current regulatory matters for best practice

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